Everything started when I was ten. It is at this age that I began to truly get interested in new technologies. At that time the computer was beginning to democratize and my family bought his first computer (you will notice that it was a family computer!).
It was a revelation for me. I quickly began to develop my own computer programs. In fact, I dreamed of becoming a great director of video games (my passion at the time). The future will show us that it was finally not my destiny. Some years later, I discovered notunlimited Internet. All worldwide information at your fingertips.

My passion of the moment, video games, quickly pushed me to share without borders. It was then that I decided to create my first website (RPGMillenium). I was 12 at the time and I managed to convince twenty people to follow me in this great adventure. Unfortunately, I progressively abandoned my work on RPGMillenium due to time and desire. It is still online for internet archives! Be indulgeant therefore, this site is very aged!

The experience RPGMillenium, will permit me of knowing what I really wanted to do with my future, Web Developer. I have, therefore, followed a course that would allow me to formalize my knowledge (France seeking diplomas ...). It is in this single goal that I went on, Bac S Engineering Science, DUT and professional METINET License. I decided to pursue a professional license in order to finish school on a "practice" period in business. And it was a very good choice in my view.

The company that I have chosen for this alternation was SantéVet, French leader in dog and cat insurance (mutual in sum). At that time SantéVet was a small family company composed of twenty employees. The topic of my alternation was a social network for dog Dogcity. I also participated in the creation of the internal software of the company. A software allowing to manage the entire activity of the company. Whether accounting, sales, customer, etc ... Then the company quickly grew to become a corporation integrated by nearly 90 employees. I have naturally evolved with the company and learned a lot. I decided that I focus only on the web that was my favorite domain and I naturally assumed web developments SantéVet.

Alongside SantéVet I in the business of freelance for over 3 years. It was a truly rewarding experience in so far it allowed me to familiarize myself with the creation of business while taking no risk. I could use other technologies that I was not using daily and it's a real asset.

Adoring travel, I decided in September 2010 to organize a trip to visit the west coast of the United States. What was not my surprise when I discovered that all travel information was decentralized on paper, websites, forums, blogs, media. I would put months planning the perfect road-trip ... It was at this moment that I realized that it missing a tool to simplify the creation of travel. I kept this in mind.
During the trip, I wanted to inform my family, my friends, on our travels. So we decided to make a blog. Then the blog has become a blogging platform specialized in the tourism sector which titled Tripolia . Tripolia was intended to allow people to share their travel simply. Then in 2013, we decided to include the part that held my heart in Tripolia, the organization part. Tripolia therefore intended to eventually become your traveler assistant!

End of 2013, I decided to leave SantéVet to become my own boss (a childhood dream). This activity allows me a total development via the diversity of projects / technologies. Don't hesitate to contact me contact for any Web development projects.