• Something amazing happened

    I'm born !!!

  • My first computer

    The discovery of computers, internet, programming. But also blue screens of death and formatting ...

  • The beginning

    A crazy year. France won the World Cup (aps I don't like soccer though). And most importantly, I founded RPGMillenium, my first website.

  • The road to become an engineer

    Obtaining a Bachelor of Science with the option Engineering Science
    RPGMillenium has thirty volunteers writer.

  • Become a Geek

    Obtaining a 2 years technical degree in computer science with web option.I carry out my 3 months internship in E-visibilité, a SEO company. I decided to retire from RPGMillenium for lack of time.

  • Become a Cat or a Dog

    Obtaining a 3 years technical degree in computer science with web option in Co-Op with Santevet, an insurance company for dog and cat. I have worked on two projects:
    - Dogcity, a social network for dogs
    - SantéVet 2.0, internal enterprise application for managing accounting, business, customer, phone, etc ...

  • Freedom

    Road tripping west america during one month. Founding Tripolia, website aiming to make life easier for travelers. I refocused on my passion, web, and became the lead web developper of SantéVet.

  • Be a freelance

    I decided to leave SantéVet after 7 years of good and loyal services to become Freelance. This activity helps me to adjust my time and learn a lot.